Western Reserve Community Band

Play an Instrument? Consider Joining the WRCB!

The Western Reserve Community Band is a non-professional, not-for-profit community musical organization. Our mission is to provide audiences in Hudson and the surrounding communities with cultural enrichment and entertainment and to provide adult musicians in the area with the opportunity to participate in an active, performing band. We are organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Membership in the WRCB is open to adult wind and percussion players of all playing abilities through Hudson Community Education and Recreation for an annual participation fee. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our band (no audition required) to make music and have fun, call Band President Arno Kremer, at (330) 819-6383 or check out our web site at We welcome adult musicians who play a concert band instrument from all surrounding communities in Summit county and adjacent counties/communities.

Western Reserve Community Band 2024 Roster

Flute 1  
Jennifer Biber
Kristen Duffy
Leslie Nutt
Sandy Rexroad
Donna Sulhan
Flute 2
Victoria Young
Jennie Prentice
Caitlin Helmer
Jacki Cyr
Debbie Shields
Susan Mertz  
Ken Bowman
Bass Clarinet  
David Swindler
August Weir
Alto Saxophone  1
Gregg Dahlby
Christine Martin
Alto Saxophone 2
Linda Kotheimer
Deborah Gerbetz
Cara Wright
Greg Halnon
Jim Virost  
Bass Clarinet  
David Swindler
August Weir
Alto Saxophone  1
Gregg Dahlby
Christine Martin
Alto Saxophone 2
Deborah Gerbetz
Linda Kotheimer
Jim Virost  
Trombone 1
Susan Swab
Dave Watt
Arno Kremer
Trombone 2
Joe Damato
Dan Allen
Kristin Brandyberry
Hannah Zito
Matthew Todd
Trombone 3
David Lehman  
Justin Roebuck
Julie Prather

Nicki Lantz  
Corinne Strasser
Tenor Saxophone
Robert Davet
Steve Friske

Baritone Saxophone
Brynn Kensinger
Jonah Pamula
Paul Good
Lou Barone

String Bass
Caleb Sparks 
Clarinet  1
Jill Centrello
Linda Shanks
Allison Connelly
Heather Waltz
Bob Morton
Eve Cervenka
Cal O’Connor
Clarinet 2
Victoria Putnam
Tonia Ferrell
Alexandra Holloway
John Bozsony
Emily Van Hyning
Clarinet 3
Emma Bene
Dale Dong
Patricia Goetz
Shawn Hanlon
Ralph Meyer
Bob Smith
Jennifer Barone
Jerry Kleman
Malcolm Bartlett
Jessica Stanik
Lauren Casale
Dan Bolovan
DJ Alessandrini
Maria Martinelli
Amanda Baumgartner
Mark Lunasin
Art Prentice
Ryan Arnold
Antonia Bruno
Tom Hughey
Dick Ptak
Eric Black
Michael Pasko
Richard Waltman

Matthew Smith
Layla Nosek
Ann Shuman
Evan Jarvis
Noah Van Hyning

Julie McCreary  


Ralph Meyer    
Jamie Bolton
Stephanie Vaughan
Lisa Bose
Beverly O’Connor
Jessica Collins
Brian Suntken
MJ Lehman  

Associate Conductors
Beverly O’Connor
Wendy Mathews